i wanna see if they look alike

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( she looks at elliot, studying his expression
for any shifts, any tells. he’s always been able
to read her far easier than anyone else ever 
has; there’s a part of her that’s surprised he
hasn’t said anything to her yet, and an even
larger part of her that’s grateful for it. )

     Yeah, well — -

( her tongue is clumsy, suddenly, and she
distracts herself from elliot’s knowing eyes 
by focusing her attention on ray instead. his
eager hands grab at her waist, the hem of her
shirt, demanding, always demanding. she grins,
eyes crinkling, and ruffles his hair, tucking him
against her side. )

     I guess I should just —

( she stops, wetting her lips. )

     I don’t really know how to say this,
     honestly, so I guess I’ll just — jump
     right in. 

     You know Roman and I have been 
     trying for a while, and, well —

( josephine laughs, a little breathless, a little
uncertain. her hands shake. )

     How do you feel about being an uncle?

( h e waits, patiently, for her to get her words
  out. there’s no need to rush her, not when
  she’s nearly bursting at the seams with joy,
  but the words out of her mouth are unexpected.

  he is, after all this time, thoroughly surprised. )

  That’s —

( incredible, amazing, wonderful, the best news
  he’s heard in a long while; the best news he’s
  heard for her, who has wanted a family so bad.
  she deserved this, to be happy. to have the things
  that would make her happy in life, like roman and
  a child.

  ray, smart enough to catch on, jumps up and down.

  they’ve both come a long way from sleepless nights
  holed up sharing secrets on the kitchen counter. )


  You’re going to be a mom.

( tears well up in his eyes. the joy is the room is palpable,
  and he doesn’t have to be an empath to feel it. )

  I’m going to be an uncle.

( he puts his hands on her shoulders and touches
  foreheads with her, laughing. )

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I say do it, but this is probably an obvious.

  M aybe it will stay curly and I’ll just grow a huge

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; pathokinesis


( she stalls in the doorway, feeling out of
place, as she always does. she’s kept the
details of her visit sparse, cryptic; she’s
had to, to make sure that elliot doesn’t
figure it out before she can tell him herself. )

     Thanks for letting me come. 
       I thought this was something I should
       do in person instead of over the phone.

( i t’s been a while since he’s seen her this
  happy; the reasons don’t quite register in
  his mind. he leaves it blank, and doesn’t
  look for the reason. it’s nice to be surprised. )

  You’re always welcome.

( Ray launches himself at his aunt before he
  can say otherwise, crawling up her leg. ) 

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  I ‘m thinking of letting my hair grow and
see how curly it stays.

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slides over here to my precious sweet angel

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( elliot is likely more understanding than
half the people in the house, including 
those older than him. it’s why she feels
so comfortable speaking to him, despite
the years between them. 

she hugs him back, squeezing a bit 
tighter than she would anyone else, save
for maybe lance. )

     It’s okay. 

( rocking back on her heels, josephine
tugs her bottom lip between her teeth
again, considering. )

     Maybe I’ll tell him — eventually. 
     I just don’t want — other people finding
     out, too. 

  M aybe he’s good at keeping

( there are people better at that,
  like jo. and people not so good,
  like — well, almost half the
  people in the mansion. )

  He probably has secrets, too.
  Everyone does.

( he has secrets, but mostly,
  they were other people’s
  secrets. he just had to hold
  onto them. )

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     What am I supposed to say? 
       ’Oh, by the way, it just so happens
        that I can destroy everything I touch
        without warning if I’m not careful — -‘

( her voice tightens with anger and
bitterness, misplaced when directed
at elliot. he’s young; he’s trying to help.
she doesn’t need to be putting this on
him, anyway. 

she looks away, mumbling, )


( her face flushes hot and pink. )


( h e’s young. but there’s an
  understanding that comes 
  with his own gift, past the
  age of eleven years old. )

  It’s okay.

( he moves to wrap his
  skinny arms around her
  torso. )

  You don’t have to tell him.
  I’m sorry.

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"Serious kissing science."


  "I guess I can do that for science — “

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  D o you need something?

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